Rome, Italy | Published on: June 10, 2013
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Can the world's favorite travel writer, Rick Steves, really be accused of food crimes? Enter the Food Police!
World premier of The Food Police - Rick Steves Eposide, airing June 11th.

With all the news stories coming out of the Eternal City recently claiming tourist are being ripped off by 54 British Pounds ($84) gelato or 72 euros ($95) for Tiramisu and coffee, the Food Police Special Unit has been on high alert, issuing warnings in an effort to prevent food crime before it happens.

Recent reports have been pouring into the Food Police Headquarters that the famous travel guide writer and award-winning television host, Rick Steves, has been misadvising tourists in Rome to order Fettuccini Alfredo, pack instant coffee from home, and even suggested to one man he put parmesan on spaghetti with clams!  The detectives from the Food Police Special Unit are on the case and prepared to bring down even the untouchable Rick Steves in order to keep the world safe from bad cuisine.

Find out what happens when The Giuge, P-Doodle and Viols confront Rick in an attempt to thwart his diabolical plan as they pit good against evil in the newest edition of The Food Police IV: The Rick Steves Episode.


We love to travel and make creative and entertaining videos designed to inspire travelers to embrace new cultures by arming them with smart tips and great advice.  Americans Steve Brenner and wife Linda Martinez run The Beehive Hotel in Rome and a booking service in Europe called Cross-Pollinate while raising three awesome girl detectives.  Toni DeBella is a travel writer and blogger at Orvieto or Bust.  Together they’ve joined forces to help make the world safe from bad cuisine.

Just knowing that these three are out there makes me feel safer. I encourage all the police forces of the world to train similar special units and keep our streets (and plates) clean.

— Anthony Bourdain
I have been witness to many crimes against food, horrors that I would not wish others to see. I have high hopes for the future of high cuisine knowing that these three detectives are defending it.

— Jacques Pépin